Helping People

We promote mental health and well-being for more and more people in the world, including you.

We were born to help people face their challenges

VHIAR was born from a common desire to improve the world through technology and, for that, we unite three fundamental pillars: technical knowledge, innovation and a lot of passion for making it happen.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We invest in the development of technologies to provide mental health and well-being for you, always looking to the future and a multidisciplinary team, which gathers knowledge about the functioning of the brain, the intellect, artificial intelligence technologies, mixed reality and, above all, love by the human being.



Revolutionize your care and the lives of your patients with Virtual Reality .

We are a family owned and operated business.

Let technology work with you for the benefit of mental health!

How we intend to improve the world



We exist to evolve the world through technology, doing it in the best way: taking care of people.



We want to extend the technological horizon to all those who can benefit from it, on a global scale.



Trust, intelligence, competence, innovation, passion and a lot of empathy : these are some of the principles that govern our entire team.