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VHMIND is an innovative tool that brings Virtual Reality to the therapeutic field, making patients feel really immersed during treatment.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Combining realism with flexibility, with this feature you will be able to make each service unique , according to the information about the evolution of your patients. Developed with high technology, it is the first platform in the world to have playful scenarios for the treatment of phobias. Our purpose is to allow innovation to work together with you, for those who deserve the best: your patients.

Calm down



With the options of "Diaphragmatic Breathing", "Progressive Muscle Relaxation" and "Mindfulness", VHMind was created to bring more lightness and immersion to your service.
In a playful way, your patient will feel more connected to the exercise through virtual reality, while you focus on observing their reactions and controlling the exercise level.

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Anxiety disorders

With technology that brings your patient closer to reality, VHMind is the first software in the world that is developing playful scenarios for the treatment of phobias, with environments for fear of heights, airplanes, claustrophobia and social phobias. In addition, it is the first worldwide platform that will treat dentist phobia with virtual reality.


See how simple it is to use VHMind

You only need the following items:

A computer

You don't have to worry about purchasing a new computer. You can use your conventional one, just have access to the internet!

Oculus Quest 2 Advanced

Much more effective and technological, this model does not require the use of smartphones or any other aggregate item. More mobility and convenience for your calls!

Our software license

With diversified options, you will be able to choose which package best fits your patients' needs!



Mindful of you

Being a highly effective technique for the development of relaxation and concentration, Mindfulness developed in conjunction with virtual reality is able to enhance the exploration of the senses, providing a much more immersed experience, bringing better results for patients.

Check out some of the benefits:
• Training in breathing techniques;
• Focus development and automatic thoughts management;
• Decrease in stress and anxiety because it teaches the patient to focus on the present;
• Visual and auditory support for more intense immersion.


Nataly Martinelli

The Specialist

One of the pioneering specialists in Brazil in psychological treatment using Virtual Reality tools, she believes that it is possible to help patients face their phobias with Courage, using technology as an ally and catalyst for this process.



Quando usar a Realidade Virtual?

A Realidade Virtual pode ser usada para proporcionar relaxamento ao paciente, além de ensiná-lo a controlar sua respiração e tensão muscular. No caso de fobias, ela se torna uma ferramenta de exposição, fazendo com que seu paciente passe pelo processo de dessensibilização sistemática, ou seja, entre em contato com o objeto ou situação temida de forma gradativa.

A efetividade da Realidade Virtual é comprovada?

Sim, já existem estudos na área. Por exemplo, um estudo americano fez com que 23 indivíduos se aproximassem lentamente de uma aranha virtual. Os resultados foram impressionantes: 83% viram sua fobia diminuir significativamente e alguns participantes descobriram que podiam se aproximar de uma tarântula na vida real com quase nenhuma ansiedade. Fonte: Chance, Paul. Learning and Behavior: Active Learning Edition, Cengage Learning, 2008.

A partir de que idade o VHMind pode ser usado?

Nós recomendamos o uso a partir de 8 anos, em função do processo de compreensão das crianças. Mesmo assim, cada caso deve ser analisado de forma individual, dependendo do contexto e da necessidade.

O que é a Realidade Virtual?

Em termos simples, a Realidade Virtual é um processo de imersão proporcionado pela tecnologia com o uso de recursos gráficos. De forma prática, um terapeuta, ao usar um software instalado em um computador e o óculos apropriado, poderá fazer com que seu paciente veja cenas em formato 360º, além de escutar o som do cenário, sentindo-se realmente presente no ambiente virtual.